BREAKING NEWS: We've Figured Out Reality

17 October 2018

I turned on the news to hear,

“BREAKING NEWS: New poll finds, 49% percent of voters are outraged about something Trump has or hasn’t done.”

My response:

Have you noticed that everything is breaking news?

Really, there is no news anymore it’s all just Trump. Occasionally, the weather will be news if it’s particularly bad in New York or California.

It’s all sensationalism and outrage culture.

It’s all designed to hit every dimension of your sensory capacity. Outrage to appeal to your emotion. The random use of percentages to appeal to your sense of logic. Presented to you by the legacy media to frame it with credibility.

Did you know 100% of scientists believe that the universe is made up of atoms? All of them being incredibly boring.

The universe is not made out of atoms its made out of stories.

You are a story, everything you look at is a story.

And every day you wake up your hormones, blood sugar levels, and sleep patterns dramatically repaint the illusion you see.

Do you ever question what you see?
How real is your reality?

Every reasonable person wants to see reality more clearly, but its impossible when you limit yourself to thinking in term of only one or two dimensions, left versus right, order versus chaos, and good verse evil.

When you’re left brain focused, you’ll pull back from emotion. You’ll think, “reason is pure logic.”

When you’re in a right brain moment, you’ll say it just “it felt right.”

Education does not teach you how to think.

It does not teach you what logic, arguments, and wisdom are. It can’t.

The truth is too controversial.

If school teaches you anything at all, it teaches you how to memorize disconnected facts, how to process information, and how to produce the expected answer.

More than anything, a post-modern education teaches group identity.
It teaches you to identify with what you look like, where you’re from, what you have, and what you do.
Your identity tells you if you’re privileged or oppressed, and if you should feel guilty or angry about that status.

We’re taught what to think not how to think, and the state of our culture is evidence of this.

My whole life I believed reason was an agreed-upon process that would lead all rational people to the same answers, I believed reason was the product of reading the right books or listening to the right people. So I listened to everyone, and read every book.

This is what I learned.

In my experience, you can’t learn to think for yourself, to listen to your own thoughts, until you stop listening to other people.

Until you’re open to questioning everything about yourself regardless of the consequence.

Question your culture, its symbols, and its sacred cows.
Question what your identity is built on, and who built it.

Who are you?

The question rattles people…

We praise every story about the hero, we watch movie after movie about superheroes, happiness, and freedom. But how many radical individuals do you know? We praise every person who gets into college and who comes out as gay. We virtue signal our beliefs on our t-shirts, and social media posts, all to reinforce our group identity. A group identity we put above real understanding and connection.

Most people never take any real risks, they never question anything dangerous. They take the same calculated risks as everyone else then congratulate themselves for doing it.

This is the religion of the West, and this is what its believers believe:
You are your identity, and if you lose your identity you’ll disappear.

This is not true.

The story you tell yourself of people judging you is not their judgment, it’s the shovel you use to bury yourself.

Your story of growing up at the bottom is not what limits you, it is the pickax you use to climb up out of it.

Your story of a life of suffering is not just what makes life difficult, it’s what gives it meaning.

Why am I saying all of this?

I’m telling this you this because this is the biggest battle you will face as a person searching for truth. Identity is not about who you are it’s about who you want to be. So how can you apply this to your life right now to become something bigger than who you were before?

Here’s a list of five things you can start doing now:
  • Peoples’ descriptions of reality do not create reality unless we believe them. Stop believing them.
  • Be open-minded by not labeling everything with an identity. When you’re tempted to think “is,” instead of think “it can be described as”. She is not a woman versus, she could be described as a woman. From this perspective, no one is “a woman.” A woman is a category and an abstraction.
  • Every person is limited by their collective stories of reality, their memories, and their identities. Every story that limits your perspective or makes you feel small is a bad story. Stop living in it. Create a new character.
  • Your identity is a perspective. Your perceptive can be changed by taking real risks. Do something “you” wouldn’t do. Move, do something you’re afraid of. Write a new script.
  • Your identity is a story. Stories are tools for turning thoughts into action. A good story is one that serves you. A great story is one that serves you and everyone around you. The best stories are the ones that are true and serve everyone. Tell true stories.
We are all on a mission, we all have a purpose, I hope this helps you with yours!

Did you find this post valuable?

If so, wonderful. Here is more value.

I don’t tell people what characters to make, or what scripts to write, or even what stories to tell. But I will aggressively help people break from their old characters, the identities that weren’t created by them, that don’t serve them.

I’m not convinced thinking can be taught, but at least “not-thinking” can be properly identified.

This is a card game called Fallacies.

You can watch the full video about it here:

If you understand the concept, help me turn my thoughts into reality. Support the project, buy the game, and invest in seeing the world in raw vision.

I created the first version of this in 2016, hand-written and cut out on paper.

I created the beta version of it in 2017, played with some friends.

I’m putting it out there for everyone now because I think it works and people need it.